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I have been a consultant, entrepreneur and teacher all of my life. Over the last 50 years, I have successfully founded and built three high technology companies - one in medical immunodiagnostics; one in manufacturing and installing microprocessor based energy conservation systems; and one in medical devices. I have had to meet weekly payrolls, the true test of an entrepreneur. I built and sold my first company, Princeton Laboratories, Inc. to Carter-Wallace, Inc. in 1974 after bringing out one of the first Over-the-Counter pregnancy tests, Answer (still in your local drugstore). I remained with Carter-Wallace as Corporate Vice President of Corporate Development until founding Aegis Systems Corporation in 1977. (Reached over $50.0 million in product line installation and sales, and sold privately 10 years later) The decade of the 1990's was devoted to wireless communication, on-line software and direct response healthcare ventures.

Before Princeton Laboratories, I was a senior technology consultant with The Diebold Group (concentrating on computer applications to businesses and forecasting technological trends and their impact on industries), and I bought and sold companies as a V.P. - Corporate Development of The Reliance Group. In parallel with my business ventures, from 1977 on, I have managed a top level business consulting company, The Aegis Group, Inc. in Princeton, NJ, providing new venture, market and product analyses, corporate planning, valuation studies, and M & A advise for Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street Firms - and raising venture capital for new ventures.

I have always looking to the future and to a new world order. My interests and ventures have been on the frontiers of technology and society attempting to change the ways in which we live for the better. My interest in nanotechnology has been intense over the last decade and, having found confusion, misunderstanding and hype around my investigation of nanotechnology, I bring my over 50 years of solid venture and new technology entrepreneurial business experience, insights and analyses to NanoClarity. It is a much-needed product.

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering in computers from MIT, doctorate work from MIT and Princeton, and an MBA from Harvard. Throughout my career, I have chaired and conducted numerous seminars and panels. Recently, I have acted as an advisor to Teach for America's The New Teacher Project and to Donor's Choose, a new classroom supplemental financing initiative. In the middle 1990s, I was a Visiting Lecturer at Princeton University teaching a seminar in Technological Entrepreneurism. I am currently an Adjunct Professor in the Rutgers University Business School teaching "Managing Technology and Innovation", "Managing Technological Change" and "Entrepreneurism" to MBA candidates.

My passions are cosmology (a natural outgrowth of living and teaching in Princeton, N.J., the heart and soul of cosmology), tennis and lacrosse. Each spring I coach varsity lacrosse at St. Peter's Preparatory School in Jersey City, N.J.

I live in and work out of a large converted loft space in Jersey City directly across the Hudson River from lower Manahattan. I witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers directly from my deck.

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From the Publisher:

NanoClarity is not a news report; it is not an investment advisory (although the values and opinion in NanoClarity may be used in investment considerations); it is not a "shill" sheet - picking and recommending companies and/or technologies in which the publisher has a stake or that he is underwriting. Rather, NanoClarity is designed as a clarifying document offering objective insight, evaluation and opinion on the nanotechnology world. I intend to supply value - the meaning, merit and worth of all I discuss projecting out three to five years.

I use similar reasoning and present concrete measurements for all companies evaluated. I explain and praise that which is promising or good. I also expose and debunk that which is phony or flawed. If I make some investors, venture capitalists, institutions or entrepreneurs unhappy, I have done my job. No one in the bubble was outspoken enough to identify the hype surrounding most of the "so-called" new developments or businesses formed - like,, the redundant expenditures in glass transmission capacity, etc. NanoClarity is designed from the outset to provide proper support - and proper debunking.

The four questions I am most regularly asked are "What is Nanotechnology?" and "Why is it so important?" "Is Nanotechnology now or sometime in the future?" and "Can I make any money in Nanotechnology?" (Usually the last question by a private investor looking for the next hot deal.) I am not directly going to answer the last question - but I will answer the first three in depth and, I hope, with wisdom so that the subscriber can soundly answer the fourth question on his or her own.

I have started at the beginning. The first four issues of NanoClarity educate you in understandable language about nanotechnology and drive home why you need to stay ahead of the curve in nanotechnology developments as they increasingly affect your life over the next few years. The opportunities are there for the perceptive.
  • Issue 1 - broadly explains the current technical side of nanotechnology.
  • Issues 2 and 3 - discuss the rapidly expanding applications and markets for nanotechnology.
  • Issue 4 - deals with the wonderful economics and disruptive economic effects of nanotechnology and explains our consistent evaluation criteria called the NALA Index.
These are basic reference issues. Keep them for referral later. Our full two year 12 issue/year program is listed under topics.

NanoClarity intends to be the definitive objective commentary on developments and companies in nanotechnology. That is my commitment to you, our subscribers. If NanoClarity ever strays from that purpose, please let me know - in the harshest of terms - and I will respond.
Alan Shalleck, Publisher.

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